LR.15/16 TF - On-line Brix Monitor for Tank Mountings

Brix monitor in compact cylindrical design with amber graphic backlit display

LR.15/16 TF serves the monitoring of mixing processing in stirred tanks, for end product quality monitoring prior to packing, or the surveillance of all in several process steps involved in vessel and tanks.

The combination of newly developed optics and electronics lead to the extreme compact cylindrical design.


Applications include Breweries, Beverages, Foods, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar etc.


  • Mounting: via ACM Tankflange adapter or Inline Varivent
  • Power supply: 24 VDC; 0,3 A
  • Max. nominal pressure: ND 10 bar
  • Cleaning Common CIP: up to 130 °C
  • Measuring ranges, accuracies & resolution:
    LR.15: 0-30 °BRIX; +/- 0,01 °BRIX; +/- 0,003 °BRIX
    LR.16: 0-75 °BRIX; +/- 0,02 °BRIX; +/- 0,01 °BRIX
  • Temperature working range: 0 – 50 °C
  • Data display: Grafic display amber with backround lighting, 102 x 64 Pixel
  • Output signal: RS485, (0)4-20 mA, Profibus DP, and DeviceNet