Instruments to measure:

Turbidity in insulin monitoring, herbal medicines, gelatine filtration monitoring, plant oils, edible oils, isotonic sodium chloride, silicone oil, etc.

Colour (hazen) measurement in organic oil, maleic anhydride, pthallic anhydride, methacrylic acid, toulol, etc.

Instruments for other areas of applications include monitors for oil trace in condensate, cooling water, process water/waste water, concentration of copper in sulphuric acid, metal pickling industry, ozone generator monitoring, etc.

In line turbidity meter in a sealless design made of a combination of Hastelloy and sapphire


In-line Turbidity Mesurement – Using Scattering Principle
Turbiscat single/dual angle measurement 90/25: Continuous measurement helps for optimization controlling, quality control and monitoring of various processes such as filtration or separation in the fields of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Colour measurement instrument with standard Varivent® housing and SICON touch screen control unit.


Colour Measurement in General Chemicals & Pharma Industry
The ColorPlus measures absorption for monitoring color and other absorption dependent components such as DOC, concentration, etc. It is built to accommodate up to three different light sources (UV and visible range). Measurements are performed inline or in bypass cells. An Ex version is available for use with inflamable products.

a.ColorPlus 2

b.ColorPlus EX

Process turbidity measuring unit for hazardous areas (EX)

DualScat EX

Process Turbidity Meter Ex proof
The DualScat Ex is designed to monitor tubidity of liquids in hazardous areas. It uses a single light source to detect transmitted light and scattered light at 90° and 25°.

Phase seperation detector in a sealless design with sapphire windows


Interface Detection Monitor
PhaseGuard uses absorption for interface detection using colour and turbidity. Applications include phase seperation detection, Filter monitoring etc.

In line turbidity meter in a sealless design with sapphire windows


In-line Turbidity Measurement
The TurbiGuard is used for monitoring medium to high turbidity, in process liquids. Its applications include filtration, separators, centrifuges, among others.