ColorPlus Ex In-line

ColorPlus Ex In-line

Absorption measuring Instrument in-line for hazardous areas

The ColorPlus is built to accommodate up to three different light sources (UV and visible range) for the measurement of color, DOC and concentrations.

By use of the dichromatic measurement at separate wavelengths the turbidity can be compensated. Measurements are performed inline or in bypass cells, the selection of materials for the cell and housing depends on the requirements.

A version with flameproof encapsulation is offered for installations in areas requiring explosion

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Applications include Breweries & Beverages (Beer-Water phase detection, Beer-Yeast phase change, Wort-Water phase change, Separator/centrifuge monitoring), Foods & Dairy, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Softdrinks

features & benefits

  • Color/absorption measurement in liquids
  • Concentration measurement of substances by absorption at characteristic wavelengths
  • Calibration in E/m, APHA-Hazen, EBC, ASTM, Saybolt, etc.


  • Measuring principle: Absorption
  • Nominal range: 0 .. 3 E
  • Measuring range: 8 ranges from 0 .. 0.05 E to 0 .. 3 E
  • Resolution: 0.001 E
  • Maximum service altitude: 3,000 m above sea level
  • Wavelengths UV: 254, 313, 365, 436, 546 nm
  • Wavelengths VIS: 365 nm, 390 .. 700 nm
  • Units: E, E/m, APHA-Hazen, EBC, Saybolt, ASTM
  • Linearity: superior to ±0.5% transmission
  • Control Units: 
    SIREL Ex

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